Sunday, October 9, 2011

GMAT Score Report Information

The GMAT score report reflects the score of all four section; Verbal, Quantitative, Total and Analytical writing assessment. The score appeared in official GMAT score report based on a fixed scale. The report includes the entire GMAT scores yield in the last five years. The contact and photographic information that you were required and provided at time of registration will also appeared in the score report. If an applicant provided background information during registration like contact number, undergraduate institution information, major subjects, date of graduation, and highest level of education attained than it will also appeared in the report.

You will receive a percentile rank on each of your score obtained in Verbal, Quantitative, Total and analytical writing assessment. The rank specifies percentage of test takers who scored less than you based on the scores of entire GMAT testing population obtained during last three years. The percentile rank may be change year to year but it does not change your scaled score.
gmat score report
The test taker may cancel the scores at the test centre before viewing the score immediately after completing the test. If test takers involved in criminal behaviour or other illegal activities than due to precautionary reasons GMAC cancel the score of the test takers. The GMAC will give reason code on the report to cancel any score for assisting schools for making informed decisions.  

Total GMAT Score obtained by different test takers are about 200 to 800. Only 60 to 70 percent test takers get 400 to 600 score. The range of verbal and Quantitative scores are about 0 to 60.There are very few students obtained above 44 in verbal section and 50 in the quantitative section. The analytical Writing assessment score evaluate in two different 
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Steps, initially evaluate through electronic system than by a expert reader to examine the discrepancy and make final report.

Your GMAT Score report will be generally receive through email within 20 days of testing while report through mail may be delayed due to variance in delivery timing.