Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Princeton Review Verbal Workout for the GMAT is the best knowing book for GMAT.The experts at The Princeton Review take the GMAT year after year to make sure you get the most up-to-date, thoroughly researched book possible. This book contains a comprehensive review of the verbal skills tested on the GMAT, as well as the techniques you will need to succeed on the test.

Princeton Review truly understand the needs of GMAT Student.Each year they help more than two million students score high on standardized tests by using their courses, bestselling books, and award-winning software.
Verbal Workout for the GMAT
Students get results, who take Princeton six-week GMAT course have an average score increase of 80 points (verified by International Communications Research). The proven techniques that they teach in our course are in this book.

The Princeton Review knows that acing the verbal sections of the GMAT is very different from earning a 4.0 in school. We don't try to teach you everything there is to know about reading, writing, and grammar.Only the techniques you will need to know to score high on the computer-adaptive GMAT. In GMAT Verbal Workout, we will teach you how to think like the test-makers and
  • Eliminate answer choices that look right but are planted to fool you
  • Solve sentence correction problems by spotting key errors in the questions
  • Strategically manage your time on the reading comprehension section
  • Ace the writing assessment section by knowing exactly how to earn a high score
This book includes a full-length simulated GMAT verbal section, plus more than 80 additional practice questions. These practice questions are just like the ones you will see on the actual GMAT, and we fully explain every answer.

Also included are sample Analytical Writing Assessment essays and tips for ensuring that the E-rater (computer grading system) gives you a high score.


Manhattan Review Turbo Charge your GMAT, Sentence Correction Guide for Management and Career training is an exciting new addition to Manhattan Review s Turbocharge Your GMAT series. This guide is an excerpt from our comprehensive Verbal Study Guide and Verbal Solutions Guide dedicated to Sentence Correction. Your purchase includes a promotional offer of unlimited access to Manhattan Review s online recording library.

This insightful study guide is designed for GMAT test-takers at all levels to improve their GMAT scores within a short time period. This Book is very particularly helpful for students who are aiming for 700+ GMAT scores.
Manhattan Review Sentence Correction Guide
Manhattan Sentence Correction Guide provides a methodical and concise approach to the GMAT sentence correction section. In this Book the reader will find all of the necessary skills and tips to tackle the most challenging of problems. Its content covers the following key features:
  • GMAT Idiom List
  • Common Errors to Avoid
  • Tested Topics in Detail
  • Tips and Strategies
  • Grammar Review
  • Noun and Pronoun -Adjective and Adverb -Preposition Types and Errors -Verb Voices and Tense- Participle and Gerund -Mood, Punctuation and Clause -Words Frequently Confused.
  • Official GMAT Question Type Analysis

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Peterson’s Ultimate GMAT Tool Kit 1st Edition with CD Rom and Online Support offers the ultimate in preparation for the student who wants the top-of-the-line features no other book can match. In addition to the printed book. Peterson’s Ultimate GMAT Tool Kit includes the following test-prep tools:
  • One-to-one math tutoring online
  • Math help when you need from a live expert Online.
  • 6 Full Length Practice tests including including 3 Computer adaptive GMAT Practice tests.
  • Instant Online Essay Scoring and Feedback for your practice Essay.
  • GMAT Preparation adaptable to your needs and level of difficulty.
Peterson's ultimate gmat toolkit
The book itself contains complete preparation for the GMAT, including an essay-writing guide, a detailed review of subject areas, practice questions, test-taking strategies, and practice tests. Included are both intermediate and advanced learning and practice, allowing students to customize their study plan to meet their individual needs based on the results of their diagnostic test. Everything about this book makes clear this is a top-of-the-line product unlike anything that has previously been sold in bookstores. Peterson’s Ultimate GMAT Tool Kit is not a revision of an old book, but a completely new product designed for the serious GMAT student who wants it all.