Saturday, May 29, 2010


GMAT for Dummies is the reference Book for GMAT Students.GMAT scores are an important part of any Graduate Business School application, so you need to perform well. Suzee Vlk, long time test preparation specialist and author of several Dummies books, can help. The GMAT for Dummies is packed with useful information and strategies to help you prepare for the test.
GMAT for dummies
The Book includes advice on how to use the book efficiently (Vlk estimates you'll need 28 hours to work through it), review chapters for all three sections of the exam, and two complete practice exams. Two chapters focusing on the analytical writing assessment portion of the Exam will help you write effective essays and remind you that schools differ regarding the importance of this section.

Vlk also offers special advice for "computer illiterates" worried about taking this Computer Based Exam. In familiar Dummies style, Vlk includes a handy tear-out "Quick Reference Card" with a summary of the most important information and a "Part of Tens" section with "10 Dumb Things. You Can Do to Mess Up Your GMAT" and 10 relaxation techniques to use before and during the exam. With its witty writing and helpful icons in the margins pointing out important information.The GMAT for Dummies makes test preparation easy and relatively painless.

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