Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Peterson’s Ultimate GMAT Tool Kit 1st Edition with CD Rom and Online Support offers the ultimate in preparation for the student who wants the top-of-the-line features no other book can match. In addition to the printed book. Peterson’s Ultimate GMAT Tool Kit includes the following test-prep tools:
  • One-to-one math tutoring online
  • Math help when you need from a live expert Online.
  • 6 Full Length Practice tests including including 3 Computer adaptive GMAT Practice tests.
  • Instant Online Essay Scoring and Feedback for your practice Essay.
  • GMAT Preparation adaptable to your needs and level of difficulty.
Peterson's ultimate gmat toolkit
The book itself contains complete preparation for the GMAT, including an essay-writing guide, a detailed review of subject areas, practice questions, test-taking strategies, and practice tests. Included are both intermediate and advanced learning and practice, allowing students to customize their study plan to meet their individual needs based on the results of their diagnostic test. Everything about this book makes clear this is a top-of-the-line product unlike anything that has previously been sold in bookstores. Peterson’s Ultimate GMAT Tool Kit is not a revision of an old book, but a completely new product designed for the serious GMAT student who wants it all.

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