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GMAT Sentence Correction Questions

The GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test, a standardized computer test, adapted into English to assess prospective students for business programs and management. The GMAT is considered a predictor of academic performance, and is a component of aggregate demand. Part of the sentence correction part of the verbal section of the exam. The sentence correction questions are designed to test for correct and effective expression American English.


About 14 of the 41 questions in the verbal section questions will be completing their sentence. Issues Correction sentence has a sentence in English writing style clumsy or ineffective. A portion of the sentence is underlined. Five choices present different versions of the underlined sentence. The first choice is always the same as the underlined part of the sentence, while the other four are variations of phrasing and vocabulary. The candidate must choose the best answer of these five choices to replace the underlined part. This section of the exam is multiple choice.

The Correct Expression

The sentence correction questions test for correct expression. In other words, this article tests the ability to recognize good grammar. A sentence must reflect the principles of English grammar, including the agreement phrase, noun, verb, pronoun case and consistency. The candidate must also be able to make corrections to dangling modifiers, contradictory expression and correction of faults in parallel.
GMAT Sentence correction questions and answers
Effective Expression

The sentence correction questions test for efficient expression. In other words, the candidate must be able to identify the most concise and clear to make a statement. There are no superfluous words or phrases complicated. The sentence uses words appropriate to the level of the text and correct diction.

Verbal Section

GMAT verbal section consists of 41 multiple choice questions in the areas of sentence correction, critical reasoning and reading comprehension. The candidate has 75 minutes to complete this section. The score on the section varies from 0 to 60.


Students can Prepare for GMAT with many ways. Students ought be familiar with fundamental grammar in English. Lessons suggested by Princeton Review and Kaplan can assist students consideration on specific weaknesses and to provide general test-taking strategies. You can download free more than 1000 GMAT sentence correction questions and answers from the internet. Books and computer programs are widely available in the GMAT. Taking sample tests will help improve scores. Familiarity with the type of incorrect sentences appearing on the GMAT will help the candidate identify problematic sentences immediately. In particular, pronoun errors, misplaced modifiers, faulty comparison, the amount of errors, language errors, errors of subject-verb agreement and voltage errors are most common.


On a multiple choice exam, it is advantageous to guess if any of the answer choices can be eliminated. Read the complete sentence, look for specific errors in the sentence, then eliminate the answer choices with grammatical problems. Select the answer choice that preserves the meaning of the sentence, but do not contain grammatical errors.

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