Thursday, December 8, 2011

GMAT Monthly Study Plan

The first thing came into the mind when you thinking about taking admission in MBA Program are GMAT Exam. Before going to start preparation of GMAT you should be familiar about the GMAT Exam patterns and types of questions appear in exam.

Once you understand the pattern of exam, and then start studying the GMAT study course. Learning approach for GMAT Exam course is very important, so use methodical approach for high score. If you plan to get a target score of 650, it is highly recommended to make a study plan for least 3 months. Practice makes you perfect so according to my recommendation you should spend 2 hours daily with CAT exams practice. It simply means that you have to study around 10 hours weekly during three months. If you wish to apply in top 20 management schools than you need advance preparation and must increase your learning period  1 or 2 months more than that.

Before going for startup GMAT preparation you definitely need GMAT official guide available on GMAT official site and published by the GMAC. Check out the latest edition. The authors of this guide have written exam information and thousand sample and example questions of each type. It is very valuable material as the guide contain actual exam questions appeared in past GMAT Exams. Kaplan Premier book is also one the best book for GMAT Exam as it covers complete test preparation. The book contains six full practice tests.
GMAT Study Plan

GMAT Prep Software is plays very important role to ace your practice for GMAT. You can download it from GMAC official site. In this software you will find two free GMAT practice tests offered by GMAT authors. It is better to practice only one test to evaluate your beginning score and practice the second test before the actual GMAT Exam.

Monthly study plan is appended below:

1) In the first month, start with basic introductory contents of Math Review from GMAT official guide. Note error logs of types of question while practicing content through official guide or any other GMAT book. At the end of monthly practice the error log will help you to review the content. I have also written article about how to Get 99 Percentile in GMAT Math and how to Ace GMAT Quantitative Section for further help in this section.

2) The second month spends on studying and learning GMAT verbal section. First of all familiarize yourself with each question types appear in GMAT verbal Exam. There are three sections Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning and Sentence Correction. Every test taker in the beginning work very hard to understand the questions of Sentence correction because it ultimately boosts the overall score. During practice of sentence correction check different kind of errors and learn from each error and don’t repeat your mistake again.  You have only one minute to answer each question so develop your skill to increase your score. In the beginning, during practice it will nearly impossible to solve each question within a minute but through practice you can make it possible. This practice helps you to done the entire question within time limit and ultimately make possible to achieve your goal score. 

3) Month 3 – As I have told above that at the end of practice use the second CAT full length test to evaluate your overall skill before the actual exam. Practice this test in quite and calm environment and finish it within time limit according to real GMAT Exam. Textbook is not better at this time so use scratch paper.

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