Monday, June 14, 2010


Following the Few Important Sentence Correction Tips in the Reading Comprehension.  
GMAT sentence correction tips

  • Look out for : none, each,....pronoun number errors.
  • Verb agreement with subject w.r.t. number, tense, etc.
  • Modifiers...recognize them.
  • Possessive case --it's not the subject.
  • Dangling Modifiers -- Modifiers which have no subject --- wrong!!
  • Almost always Modifiers come immediately after the word they modify!
  • IF Vs WHETHER - If--  hypothetical.... whether -- when you have to choose among options
  • Maintain PARALLELISM -- rather than, instead of, to X is to Y, etc.
  • Look out for Sentences starting with "to"...maintain parallelism
  • BOTH -- only two things!! and parallel too!!
  • Look out for COMPARISONS -- LIKE, UNLIKE, SIMILAR same types (number, type, etc.)
  • Look for countable and non-countable nouns. (amount, sum,etc.)
  • THAT Vs WHICH ...that is restrictive...which is non-restrictive.
  • LIKE Vs AS ... like expresses similarity ... As compare clauses
  • SUCH AS --; to give examples .. such X as x1, x2, x3.
  • JUST AS --; again to compare actions, not nouns.
  • BECAUSE Vs IN THAT ...because shows cause and effect ... in that is mostly correct on the GMAT.
  • USUAL Vs IS USUAL ... usual... compared to itself... is usual...when compared to a sub-group it belongs to.
  • NATIVE OF Vs NATIVE TO ... Native of is used for a person...native to is corrector person/thing..everything else.
  • CAN Vs COULD -- can = ability, opportunity, possibility. could = assumption, condition, polite request, suggestion
  • WOULD --; a condition in the past, anticipation in the past.
  • BECAUSE Vs ON ACCOUNT OF --; former is preferred over the latter. both are correct.
  • ECONOMIC Vs ECONOMICAL --; Economic is economy related... Economical is Money-saving
  • 'Declining revenues' -- ; is plur.

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