Monday, June 14, 2010


MANHATTAN review Sentence Correction Guide is an exciting new addition to Manhattan Review s Turbocharge Your GMAT series. This guide is an excerpt from our comprehensive Verbal Study Guide and Verbal Solutions Guide dedicated to Sentence Correction. Your purchase includes a promotional offer of unlimited access to Manhattan Review s online recording library.

These insightful study guides are designed for GMAT test-takers at all levels to improve their GMAT scores within a short time period. They prove to be particularly helpful for students who are aiming for 700+ GMAT scores.
Manhattan review turbo charge your GMAT
The Sentence Correction Guide provides a methodical and concise approach to the GMAT sentence correction section. Within its pages the reader will find all l of the necessary skills and tips to tackle the most challenging of problems. Its content covers the following key features:
  • GMAT Idiom List
  • Common Errors to Avoid
  • Tested Topics in Detail
  • Tips & Strategies
  • Grammar Review
  • Noun and Pro Noun
  • Adjective and Adverb
  • Preposition Types and Errors
  • Verb Voices and Tense
  • Participle and Gerund
  • Mood, Punctuation and Clause
  • Word Frequently Confused Office GMAT Question Type Analysis.

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