Monday, October 4, 2010


Manhattan GMAT Prep-Word Translations GMAT Preparation Guide (1 of the 7 books in Manhattan GMAT’s Preparation Guide series) provides a highly organized and structured approach to the variety of questions in this quantitative content area. Students learn to analyze the GMAT’s complex math word problems by translating problems into organized data and utilizing specific frameworks to arrive at solutions quickly and efficiently.
Manhattan gmat prep word translations
The book offers a unique balance between two competing emphases: test-taking strategies and in-depth content understanding. Practice problem-sets build specific foundational skills in each topic and include the most advanced content that many other prep books ignore. As the average GMAT score required to gain admission to top b-schools continues to rise, this guide provides test-takers with the depth and volume of advanced material essential for succeeding on the GMAT’s computer adaptive format. Book also includes online access to 3 full-length Simulated Practice

  • Each of the 7 Guides covers one major topic in extensive depth, providing students with many more pages-per-topic than found in all-in-one tomes.
  • Cleanly-presented strategies, problems sets, and explanations with sidebars that highlight key concepts; no need to wade through cramped pages in small typeface.
  • Single-topic focus of each guide allows the student to purchase only those guides that pertain to his/her weaknesses; also is much easier to carry during studying than all-in-one book.
  • Includes bonus chapter on Manhattan GMAT’s unique rephrasing technique for attacking Data Sufficiency a particularly challenging GMAT question format.

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