Saturday, June 25, 2011

Changes in GMAT in 2012

In an attempt to strengthen its position merits, GMAT is all set to undergo a major revolution. The change involves new break a new section that will replace one of the two fractions of writing, and will also require applicants to use a headset to test their "auditory learning" capabilities. The conference in San Diego's annual industry estimates of real practical application to start in 2012, without affecting verbal and math section.

The world is changing and so is the global market. The new economy requires managers to possess special skills, which will be planted in them by business schools. To go with changing scenes, business schools have changed their program and have consistently demanded to utilize the GMAT test sections that will test those special skills of candidates. Basically, this new change is to make students "shine" in the MBA program, not just "survive" it.

Set to begin June 4, 2012, the GMAT will certainly preserve and further strengthen its unique place among the other competitors, and will continue to be the preferred choice of many business schools as an entry test.
Changes in GMAT in 2012
The new change has involved data points for the detection of relations, graphs and charts for interpretation, understanding spreadsheets, and critical analysis that will bring out the best in the candidate countries.

Bit 'auditory learning "The new place is also very new quantities of merit as a candidate worthy to be admitted to the B-school, focusing on his thinking skills and problem-solving logic. Putting information in a systematic order or to systematize data and logical thinking are two very important that MBA aspirant is expected to have, and new GMAT is all about these aspects.

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