Friday, April 8, 2011

English level for GMAT

How should I know English well to successfully pass the GMAT test? Some people begin to attend English classes before deciding to enter a business school. The candidate who best know the language can use a good option to read books in English, essay writing, tests of training and practice grammar focused.

To get a good GMAT score, you have to prove good knowledge of English. First, check your level of English while listening to various lectures on YouTube. Business School expects that you will be able to assert and defend your opinions, and discuss the case. You must express your opinion and answer questions without special efforts. You must demonstrate good grammar. However, do not worry because of their accent or a few mistakes during the conversation.

Here is a simple test. Watching movies in English without subtitles. Choose a film about the business environment. Then read the detailed description of the plot. If you find that you missed some important elements of the plot, think if you have adequate capacity to perceive spoken language at a conference school. There will be less fun and more difficult from a movie.
You can check how you read in English by reading the Wall Street Journal or any other related magazines. They are pretty serious, even for native speakers. Editors use a composite language with a precise terminology. If you can read these documents, without a dictionary, you're ready to take the GMAT.

In case you want to accurately evaluate your level, TOEFL can help. It is a good test for skills of English. Business schools are likely to desire to see the outstanding results of the TOEFL in the applicant's documents.

Remember, the GMAT is not a language test. It checks the grammar and the ability to collect information. However, its main function is to determine your ability to think logically and make calculations. You can fully cope with the logic and rhetoric in your language. GMAT test in your native language would give you more results. Unfortunately, most MBA programs are presented in English only.

Think carefully before you decide to register for the GMAT test. Try to use all the recommendations given in this article. If the verbal section still seems difficult for you, or you regularly give wrong answers to half the questions in a section of correction sentence, devote more time to the basics of grammar, before you decide to take a real test . Only the process of careful preparation and proper to help you succeed in the GMAT test and have a chance to improve your career.


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  2. It is a good post. And also i like your ideas about English. I have learnt that what to do and what not to do before join English class.

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  4. Thanks for the valuable information!

    Does anybody know which level of English the GMAT is comparable to (e.g. B2 or C1)?

    I should know this for an application for a German university where they don't really know what the GMAT is :)

    Thanking for your anticipation!

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